Who I am

As a Personal Growth and Empowerment Coach, I guide and mentor motivated women to develop an unbreakable sense of self, to thrive in their personal relationships and excel in their professional lives.

What I do

I help my clients live courageously, authentically, consciously, and responsibly. In working with me, you can expect to grow into a self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and emotionally healthy creator of your life able to find emotionally healthy partners, create and sustain healthy intimate relationships, and develop a personal and professional brand that sets you apart from the rest and delivers consistent and successful results.

How I work

  • In my coaching, I use powerful transformational questions to get to the heart of the issue and move you forward to achieve your goals.
  • I also use hypnotherapy, a relaxation technique used to remove, release, resolve, and rewind or replace past trauma, negative thought patterns or obstacles keeping you from moving forward in life.
  • I also employ bibliotherapy, suggesting works of self-help literature that relate to your issue to help bring insight, healing, and inspire positive change.

Who I can help

  • Women who feel stuck in a failing, emotionally draining relationship with an intimate partner.
  • Women with a history of unhealthy relationships or a history of attracting unavailable or emotionally abusive partners.
  • Women who feel life has not turned out as desired, expected, imagined or hoped for.
  • Women whose everyday life is made up of feelings of sadness, anger, despair, or hopelessness.
  • Women whose professional lives feels unfulfilling, devoid of passion and purpose or who feel overlooked or underutilized.

Why getting help is important

Unresolved issues can stress the mind creating the potential for self-destructive attempts at coping. Additionally, coping with life in general, such as with intimate and familial relationships, career, health, and finances can add to emotional stress and become unstable situations.

What you can expect from working with me

  • Through uncovering and resolving the underlying causes behind why you’re struggling, you can expect to feel more self-aware and intentional.
  • Through identifying the emotional needs not being met in your relationships, you can expect to be able to articulate what you need and be able to enforce your boundaries.
  • Through connecting the triggers to the patterns of behavior that have sabotaged your growth and development, you can expect to feel confident and committed moving your life forward.
  • Through developing a personal and professional brand, you can expect to experience trust, respect, and support in your personal and professional relationships.

How to get started

  • If you’re ready to thrive in your life, relationships, and career, then I invite you into a deeper conversation with me.  Let’s discuss what you’re struggling with and design a plan to move you forward.
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  • Follow my blog for words of wisdom and learn how to improve your life, relationships and how to become emotionally healthy through self-awareness, accountability, and integrity. Here are a few posts to get started:
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Meet Me


  • Transformational Life Coach, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Aromatherapist, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Reporting & Compliance Manager/Systems Administrator, Deloitte & Touche
  • MSLIS Library and Information Science, Long Island University, Palmer School
  • Peace Corps Education & HIV/AIDS Volunteer, Cameroon West Africa

After having spent 8 years in the corporate world after completing my Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science, steadily moving up the corporate ladder, I was desperate for a change. I had lost the passion for my work.

I was trapped in fear and a revolving door of financial stress. That fear and self-sabotage were born out of the unconscious wounds I still carried from childhood.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. In adulthood, the effects of my childhood abuse played out in love and sex addiction and intimacy avoidance. I was a serial monogamist, desperately seeking The One who could take away my misery and bestow me with self-worth but I only succeeded in leaving behind a trail of broken hearts on both sides.

As a recovering love and sex addict and intimacy avoidant, I understand how trauma can deeply affect one’s emotional health and ability to live a full, happy and enriching life.

Once I became ready to acknowledge that I was the common denominator in my dysfunctional life and realized that change had to come from within, I gained a deeper understanding of how my past conditioning and traumas created the unconscious rules I was living by; rules I unwittingly allowed to control my life and relationships.

I discovered hypnotherapy and it had a tremendous impact on my personal healing and soon after I bit the personal development bug. I absorbed books on healing trauma, love addiction and living consciously.

Once I became aware of the unconscious rules I was living by, I adopted tools to help me regain control over my emotional state and began making better-informed choices about how I live, love, and work.

Climbing out of my deep, dark hole of despair took courage and support. It required courage and support to look at those inner hurts to find the fuel to transform those hurts into power, into self-awareness, into intention, into confidence, into trust, into self-love, into happiness, into joy and peace.

I no longer make choices based on self-constructed subconscious fears and instead use self-awareness to deconstruct self-destructive patterns and behaviors.

As a result of saying YES to myself and making choices that were in alignment with my goals and desires, my passion for my work returned.

The journey continues and I am now passionate about helping others uncover the unconscious rules controlling the destiny of their lives and create conscious, enriching lives and relationships.

If my story resonates with you and you want to learn how to create meaning in your life and relationships, untethered by the emotional baggage of the past, then I want to invite you into a deeper conversation with me. Click here to set up an appointment for a free 60-minute discovery session.

Practice Areas

Personal Growth & Empowerment

Learn how to deepen your inner relationship and live courageously, authentically, consciously, and responsibly.

Inner Child Healing

Learn how to restore your core self, create a foundation of self-love and rebuild your self-esteem, self-worth, self-compassion, self-confidence, and self-trust.

Healthy Intimate Relationships

Learn how to create a foundation for finding and sustaining a meaningful, fulfilling, supportive, and healthy love relationship.

Personal Brand Development

Learn how to have a positive workplace reputation, earn the respect and support of your colleagues and leadership, and feel balanced and fulfilled in your work.



Free Consultation

Getting the right help from the right person can be challenging. I appreciate how important it is to find a coach, counselor or therapist with whom you feel comfortable and assured by their guidance and expertise, which is why I offer a free 60-minute phone consultation to discuss what you are struggling with and to address any questions or concerns you may have prior to booking my coaching services.

Click here to schedule a phone consultation.

One-on-One Coaching

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Words of Wisdom

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