I create freedom for business owners.

A minimalist approach to business means more time for the things that matter.

I will develop an in-depth understanding of your strategic and personal goals.

I will determine the steps needed to achieve your strategic and personal goals.

I will deliver a solution aligned with your strategic and personal goals.

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Business Process Management

I can map and analyze current business processes and improve, optimize, and automate them in alignment with strategic goals.

Knowledge Management

I can build a personal knowledge management system and capture, organize, and make accessible organizational asset knowledge.

Records Management

I can conduct a records inventory, create a records policy documenting employee expectations, and design retention schedules in alignment with regulations and good business practices.

Data Management

I can assist with spreadsheet creation, editing, and formatting, reporting, and data visualization to track patterns and trends and support business decisions.

Business Systems/Services Management

I can assess the end-to-end efficiency and effectiveness of business systems from both a business and user experience standpoint.

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About Me

Over 15 years education + experience in knowledge and information management with passion and talent for process improvement and optimization.

I find fulfillment making an impact on an individual level. I take the time to fully understand my clients and design solutions and provide services to match the unique needs of their business, customers, and lives.

I am enthusiastic about learning, unearthing new insights and information, and untangling complex problems through in-depth exploration, rigorous research, and analysis.

I believe in equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion and I am committed to working with heart-centered business owners whose values include the same.

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Strategy Session

Getting the right help from the right person can be challenging. I appreciate how important it is to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and assured by their guidance and expertise, which is why I offer a free 45-minute phone strategy session to discuss what you are struggling with in your business and to discover whether I can help you.

Click here to schedule your strategy session.

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Contact Me