29 Benefits of Committing to Abundance

29 benefits of committing to abundance

Contrary to popular belief, good things do not happen to those who wait. Good things happen to those who take action. If you want to live a life with no regrets, one that is joyful and meaningful, surrounded by people who value, love and support you, full of memorable experiences and the fulfillment of your deepest desires, then you must commit to abundance.

When you commit to abundance:

  1. You activate as a receiver attracting positive energy
  2. You naturally achieve a balanced life because you become your #1 priority
  3. You stop majoring in minor things and break through challenges quicker and come out stronger
  4. You create a direct and clear connection to universal source
  5. You discover your core truths, the driving forces behind your commitments
  6. And you will be empowered to live in accordance with them
  7. You evolve into the highest expression of yourself
  8. You achieve mental, spiritual, physical and emotional freedom
  9. You express gratitude for what you have and more to be grateful for comes your way
  10. You kickstart and supercharge your personal growth
  11. You heal the wounds of the past
  12. Others are inspired by you and want to be near your high vibration
  13. Your word becomes your law as you live in integrity with yourself
  14. You live with intention as your every move is in direct alignment with your soul’s mission
  15. You are guided by your inner knowing
  16. You attract love and give love unconditionally
  17. You manifest your deepest desires easily
  18. You practice the art of positive motivation to achieve all your goals
  19. You nurture your body, spirit, heart, and soul
  20. You become open to unimaginable blessings
  21. You are driven by passion heard in the words you speak, seen in the things you do and known by the choices you make
  22. You discover the power within you that enables you to face any challenge certain of victory
  23. You live on purpose not easily swayed by distractions
  24. You reclaim the power you allowed others to have over you
  25. You release the blocks that kept you from moving forward
  26. You resolve and dissolve the attachment to the painful stories of your past
  27. You transcend your pain and transform it into your purpose
  28. You unleash your limitless potential
  29. Your vision becomes your reality with each step you take on your healing journey

In order to commit to abundance, you must de-commit to lack, de-commit to destructive behaviors and habits, de-commit to disserving beliefs and attitudes, de-commit to broken promises, de-commit to disempowering stories of the past. When you commit to abundance, you commit to happiness, you commit to healing, you commit to now, you commit to YOU!

What are you committed to? Download and complete the commitment worksheet to unveil the unconscious commitments that are no longer serving you and formally declare new commitments to attract abundance into your life.


Achieve Personal Freedom By Living With Intention

What does it mean to live with intention?

It means that everything you are, say, and do is on purpose, aligned, and growth focused.

Being intentional starts with a goal and is supported by self-awareness, accountability, and integrity.

Living intentionally requires courage and authenticity. Courage to be unapologetic and boundaried, truthful, and transparent.

Living intentionally means that you are unwavering in your values and beliefs.

To be intentional means to be unequivocal in your commitments and capacities.

Living intentionally results in inner peace, personal freedom, and empowerment in the face of obstacles, challenges, adversity, and opposition.

Why is self-awareness important?
In order to identify and clear away the muck surrounding your past and current reasons and excuses regarding your life and make more empowered choices in future.

Why is accountability important?
In order to take active responsibility for your choices, decisions, and results and not fall victim to blame and shame when the outcomes are less than desirable.

Why is integrity important?
In order to build up your muscles of self-trust, self-respect, and self-love, creating a supportive foundation for continuous personal success.

Love Yourself The Way You Want to Be Loved and Never Be Disappointed Again

The Buddha said “Attachment is the root of suffering” and I clarify that and say that expectation, the attachment to someone other than yourself fulfilling your desires, is the root of suffering.

Never greater is our suffering than in a relationship. Be it platonic, familial or intimate, never is our imperfect humanness more apparent than when we are relating to others. Never is the abundance of opportunity for freedom and enlightenment more prevalent than in our relationships.

Too often we look to others to sustain us, to complete us, to approve of us, to validate us, to fulfill us, to repair us, to save us so much so that when they “fail us” as they will inevitably do, we are left broken and that is no state to be in.

No one else can be as motivated to do for you than you can be for yourself. FACT: No one else has your motivations, has lived your experiences or has your perspectives when combined create your desires. Then why, if your desires are your own, would you expect someone else to manifest them for you?

Certainly, others may help us along our journey to our destination: bliss but no one other than you can reach your bliss and the longer you depend on or expect others to take you to your bliss, the farther away you get from your true destination.

Love yourself the way you want to be loved and never be disappointed again.

Out of Suffering Comes Peace

I don’t believe in the biblical sense of heaven and hell but I do believe they can be experienced. Suffering is a place. A perpetual place of pain the living can and do get stuck in. I was once stuck in this place. That was hell for me. I found a way out through psychology, hypnotherapy, energy work, life coaching and NLP. Moving out of suffering requires (1) awareness, a knowledge of self, (2) accountability, taking 100% responsibility, and (3) integrity, living in accordance with your values. Applying these principles to my daily life allows me to experience peace. Peace for me is accepting that there will be moments of pain and sorrow in life and a knowing that I am able to experience those moments without getting stuck there.


Finding Yourself After a Lifetime of Hiding

I had become an expert at hiding. It’s what I did best. I was actually proud of it. Who wants to deal with all of those bothersome feelings that get in the way of getting shit done? I was under the illusion that I could live life unaffected by my baser human emotions like empathy and sympathy. Strangely enough, I’ve always been very compassionate and kind but that was easy because I didn’t have to be vulnerable to show compassion to others. In fact, I learned, the kinder I was, the more liked I was while never having to reveal the real me.

Heaven forbid I had to share my feelings. That was my kryptonite. Whether to friends or therapists, the relationship was not long lived once I had spilled my beans. Emotional closeness felt like stepping on a slug barefoot, it was yucky. It was also scary. The facade I had created of a successful, strong, capable and functioning member of society was at risk if I let on to what was really going on inside. A tangled mess of confusion, loneliness, anxiety, depression and disconnection.

Watching 3 Mics yesterday on Netflix brought this all back up. The memories of my 20-something-year-old self desperately seeking help for the emotionally broken child within me sobbing uncontrollably as I repeated over and over the story of my childhood in therapists’ office while at the same time running as far away from the pain as I could in the arms of lovers, both foreign and domestic.

3 Mics is a comedy special, a one-man show by Neal Brennan. His one liners were funny but what left an indelible impression on me was his candid revelations of his own journey through depression as a result of growing up with a violent, alcoholic, and narcissistic father. I envy people who can string together minimal words into impactful sentences. Listening to him describe his story and reading comments on his page from his fans sharing how they felt like he was telling their story reinforces a truth that while our stories may be unique, our pain is the same.

He recalls growing up as the youngest of his parent’s 10 children, with a father that took up all the physical and emotional space in a room learning to stifle his feelings so that eventually they atrophied and in order to feel anything, in essence, became addicted to achievement and adrenaline and yet the rush of his successes never quite satisfying his core needs, to which I can wholeheartedly relate.

I used achievement and adrenaline to feel as well. Growing up I didn’t feel seen or appreciated so in school and work, I worked hard to be recognized as talented and dedicated, which was made easy by being an INTJ. Adrenaline came in the form of drama, relationship drama specifically. If I wasn’t having one-night stands with strange men then I was stirring up havoc in my relationships as a result of my love addiction and intimacy avoidance.

Unlike Neal, I’ve never been medicated. I never got far enough with any therapist to have that topic come up. I just learned to cope and hide when things got too real. Until I had had enough of the turmoil. I was fed up with spinning my wheels in life, love, and career. There is no one path to emotional freedom but the result I believe is universal, reconnecting with your true self, your forgotten self, learning to help the broken child within you become whole again.

This is the journey I began about 5 years ago and one I continue on, with compassion and love for myself.


The Choice is Yours

The choice is yours (2)

There are moments when every one of us has contemplated how we came be where we are. Perhaps life just kinda happened without you even realizing where the years went. Perhaps you kept putting off doing that thing you always talked with your best friend about because there was always something else that took priority. Perhaps you’ve just outgrown where you are, where you no longer feel the same drive or passion for what you did before.

However you got here, there’s a question hovering in the air around these thoughts. That question is, ‘is this it’? Asking or wondering, ‘is this it?’ presupposes there’s a bubbling maybe a burning desire for more than what you have, more than who you are, more than what you’ve done and more than what you’ve known.

For some, this is an exciting place to be in life and for others, it’s downright frightening because how do you become something you’ve never been? The answer’s quite simple really. It’s a choice. You either choose to live with asking the perpetual question of ‘is this it?’, looking at everything and everyone around you, resentment growing, sucking your spirit dry or you choose, despite the fear, discomfort, and uncertainty, to open to the experience of discovering.

You see, the how is not important, it’s the doing that energizes and motivates and creates momentum. It’s in the doing that you become alive again. The doing connects new synaptic pathways, broadening your perspective and your insight into never before aware of possibilities. So how do you start doing amidst fear, discomfort, and uncertainty? With a lot of faith and unconditional love and compassion for yourself. Faith in the certainty that you are divinely supported in your choosing to grow. Unconditional love and self-compassion that no matter how many times you falter or get sidetracked, that you love yourself without judgment and criticism.

So the choice is yours, step into faith or shrink back. I hope you choose stepping into faith so you can begin this journey of exploring the wonders and beauty of what is now possible for you.