The Soul Sanctuary

​​The Soul Sanctuary serves to inspire you to invite your true self back into your life and to become self-aware, self-loving, self-supporting, self-validating, and an emotionally healthy creator of your life.

For a one-time $27 fee, you will receive awareness shifting e-books, worksheets, hypnosis recordings, self-study master classes, and more.

When you purchase today, you will get access to a library of:

  • 4 hypnosis recordings to relax, uplift, inspire and guide you into your future
  • 2 tip guides on healthy relationships and expanding your comfort zone
  • 2 eBooks on self-love and emotional freedom
  • 3 worksheets to declare powerful new commitments, to transform your painful story into empowered purpose, and a goal tracking worksheet
  • 1 S.M.A.R.T. Goal Infographic a guide on setting clear and purposeful goals to achieve results in a set time frame
  • 1 emotional support planning tool
  • 1 master class

Click here to learn more and complete your purchase to begin your journey to bring your true self back into your life.