Your Personal Brand: Own Your Career

Do you want to advance in your career but you have a negative workplace reputation and as a result, feel overworked, stressed and unfulfilled? Do you lack the full support and trust of your leaders? Do you feel your character and competence are questioned and that you have to work hard extra to prove yourself and as a result, you have an antagonistic attitude? Are you considering quitting because you don’t see a place for you in your organization?

Would you like to benefit from a positive workplace reputation, earn the respect and support of your colleagues and leadership, and feel balanced and fulfilled in your work?

Learn how developing a personal brand can guarantee career advancement. By taking charge of your career, directing it on a path that will fulfill you, developing skills and utilizing your talents effectively, you will have the favor of leadership and be seen in a positive light, you will enjoy coming to work knowing you are fulfilling a purpose and will be seen as a leader and be sought out as a mentor.

Your Personal Brand: Own Your Career is a 10-week one-on-one coaching program designed to skyrocket your career, targeting the three foundational elements of what it means to own your career.

YPE 3 foundations

Foundation 1: Self Awareness – Identify your skills, talents, and strengths to design a personalized path that propels your career.

Foundation 2: Personal Accountability – Take responsibility for filling the gap between your skills and talents and your organization’s needs.

Foundation 3: Personal Integrity – Implement a consistent practice of representing yourself as a leader.


  1. Six Personal Brand one-on-one Coaching Sessions
  2. Four 15-min Accountability Coaching Sessions
  3. Members-only private Facebook group
  • Session 1: Personal Brand and Career Vision Definition
    • In this session, you will learn what a personal brand is and create a vision for your career.
  • Session 2: Current State and Future State Gap Analysis
    • In this session, you will conduct a gap analysis between your current state and future state you’ envision for your career.
  • Session 3: Experience, Skills, Interests, and Strengths Exploration
    • In this session, you will explore your experience, skills, interest, and identify your strengths.
  • Session 4: Character and Brand Perception
    • In this session, you will create a plan for soliciting honest feedback regarding how your character and brand are perceived.
  • Session 5: Brand Plan Design
    • In this session, you will develop a plan for how to bridge the gap between how you are vs how you want to be perceived and between your current skill set and the organization’s needs.
  • Session 6: Accountability and Assessment Plan
    • In this session, you will create an accountability and assessment plan for how to track your brand’s effectiveness by applying everything you’ve integrated into the creation of a 30-day project. You’ll also design a daily ritual to maintain personal integrity and support your connection to your intention and vision.


  • Inspired and committed to create a career that is aligned with your particular skills and talents.
  • Empowered and connected to your innate power to shift the trajectory of your career.
  • Able to recognize your worth and claim your rightful place in your organization.
  • Decisive and ready to take action with a strong sense of purpose and direction.


One payment of $1,500 or 3 monthly payments of $500

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