Healthy Relationships 101: Get Relationship Ready

As you reflect on an area of life that can bring immense pleasure and joy, your love life, what comes up for you?

Perhaps you’ve felt as if you were running around in circles, attracting the wrong partners and falling into the same destructive patterns. Perhaps you’ve felt stuck, unable to change or get out of your current relationship, deciding to stay with what you know rather than have to start all over again because the fear of either being alone or not being able to find someone new was too great. Perhaps you’ve sworn off falling in love altogether because you’ve been burned too many times and are too afraid to let yourself be vulnerable ever again. Perhaps you just want to give it one more try, hoping that someday, somehow, things will just get better.

If you are a single woman and are ready to attract your ideal mate and create a foundation for a healthy relationship or if you are in a relationship and are ready to strengthen and sustain your bond and close any gaps between you and your partner’s vision for your relationship, then Healthy Relationships 101: Get Relationship Ready is right for you.

Healthy Relationships 101: Get Relationship Ready is a 10-week one-on-one coaching program designed to propel you into your ideal relationship or heal your current relationship, targeting the three foundational elements of what it means to be emotionally healthy.

YPE 3 foundations

Foundation 1: Self Awareness – Connect with the strategies, patterns and unconscious beliefs that have prevented you from manifesting your ideal relationship.

Foundation 2: Personal Accountability – Assume responsibility for your decisions and the outcomes of your past relationships.

Foundation 3: Personal Integrity – Design and commit to your relationship vision and goals.


  1. Six Healthy Relationships 101 one-on-one Coaching Sessions
  2. Four 15-min Accountability Coaching Sessions
  3. Members-only private Facebook group
  • Session 1: Love detox
    • In this session, you will identify and remove the characters in your life that do not support or are damaging to your relationship vision.
  • Session 2: Unpacking the past
    • In this session, you will unpack your childhood and societal experiences and the beliefs, language, and values you developed from them.
  • Session 3: Relationship history
    • In this session, you will review your past relationships to learn what worked and what didn’t to reveal the relationship patterns and strategies that empower or sabotage you.
  • Session 4: Relationship vision
    • In this session, you will craft your ideal relationship in detail from desired partner traits to sex life and identify your deal breakers and areas of compromise.
  • Session 5: Relationship success
    • In this session, you will set the foundation for your relationship vision by defining your personal values and boundaries, how you will self-care and communicate, and be accountable for the success of your relationship.
  • Session 6: Daily ritual
    • This session is about accountability. You will be applying everything you’ve integrated through the creation of a 30-day relationship goal. You’ll also design a daily ritual to maintain personal integrity and support your connection to your relationship vision.


  • Inspired and committed to deepening your inner relationship with the recognition that your intimate relationships are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.
  • Inspired and committed to improving your emotional health recognizing that unhealthy and unsupportive emotional states can create relationship imbalances.
  • Inspired and committed to becoming the right partner in order to attract your right partner recognizing that like attracts like.


One payment of $1,500 or 3 monthly payments of $500

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