Achieve Personal Freedom By Living With Intention

What does it mean to live with intention?

It means that everything you are, say, and do is on purpose, aligned, and growth focused.

Being intentional starts with a goal and is supported by self-awareness, accountability, and integrity.

Living intentionally requires courage and authenticity. Courage to be unapologetic and boundaried, truthful, and transparent.

Living intentionally means that you are unwavering in your values and beliefs.

To be intentional means to be unequivocal in your commitments and capacities.

Living intentionally results in inner peace, personal freedom, and empowerment in the face of obstacles, challenges, adversity, and opposition.

Why is self-awareness important?
In order to identify and clear away the muck surrounding your past and current reasons and excuses regarding your life and make more empowered choices in future.

Why is accountability important?
In order to take active responsibility for your choices, decisions, and results and not fall victim to blame and shame when the outcomes are less than desirable.

Why is integrity important?
In order to build up your muscles of self-trust, self-respect, and self-love, creating a supportive foundation for continuous personal success.


Let Go and Let Peace

What is it about loss that makes us hang on even tighter to what we still have, even when it’s not good for us? Trauma affects our emotional brain in irrational ways sometimes. In my case, the loss of the opportunity to effectively bond with my primary caregiver (my mother) meant that I was always searching for a replacement.

As I grew older, I developed a people pleasing addiction because I wanted so badly to be seen, appreciated, loved and wanted and when I couldn’t get it from my mother, I chased after it from my lovers. Desperately needing to be validated and approved of, I shifted, molded, and manipulated my personality and body to fit what I believed would keep them attached to me because suffering a loss of love was out of the question; it was too painful a reality to face.

The more I tried to become someone else, the less connected I became to myself, my feelings, and my values and this created an even deeper void in my psyche because try as I might to avoid loss, I didn’t realize I was losing myself and that was a tragedy greater than any loss of a lover.

Inherent in suffering are lessons but the lessons can only be learned through the experiences. We have all the potential to become sages in our own right and thereby diviners of our destiny.

The mantra “Let Go and Let Peace” is a simple yet profound statement suggesting peace is found in letting go but before you can let go, you must go through and emerge more self-aware. Only then will you be able to start letting go of the past hurts, of the addictions, of the codependency, of the expectations, of the drama, of the guilt and of the shame.

“Finding” Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is not a passive activity. No one will bring it to you. You can’t wish it alive. You must create inner peace. It’s not an easy task nor is it a one-and-done type of deal either. Creating inner peace is an active, conscious and consistent lifetime of living eyes and heart wide open, transparent, honest with yourself and others type of deal.

Everything has its equal and opposite. There is no sweet without bitterness, no gain without effort, no love without hate and no peace without pain. To truly comprehend and appreciate the essence of who you are, a compassionate, loving and divine being here to experience all the bitterness and joy of the human experience, you must fully integrate how you came to be who you are and where you are today, practice daily living honestly and purposefully and take responsibility for your results.


The three conscious actions of developing self-awareness, practicing personal integrity and taking personal accountability will make you a conscious creator of your life, clearing a path for the fulfillment of your desires and will determine your success as you take inspired and purposeful action.

Let your first actions, while easier said than done, be to let go of expectations, perfectionism and putting everyone else first.