Healthy Relationship Checklist

These are just some of the things I believe are required to find, create and sustain mature, healthy intimate relationships:

  • Heal from past traumas

  • Practice forgiveness of self and of hurts inflicted upon you

  • Create a safe space for open and honest communication

  • Know your triggers

  • Set and respect clear boundaries

  • Set relationship expectations and intentions

  • Have a shared value system (total opposites may attract but may not be able to be sustained)

  • Be willing to be vulnerable

  • Continue your personal development work

  • Practice self-care

  • Practice active and compassionate listening

  • Understand that what people say, do, think and feel has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them

  • Practice unconditional love

  • Practice self-acceptance

  • Be humble (accept that you don’t know everything and that inherent in relationships is learning and growth)

  • Have a support system outside of the relationship

  • Honor your emotions

  • Commit to empowering your partner to be self-expressed

  • Be willing to understand and appreciate your partner’s perspectives, ideas, and opinions

  • Periodic evaluation of the relationship to ensure you both still both want the same things

  • Separate consciously and lovingly when you are no longer able or willing to fulfill the others’ needs


Healing comes in unexpected packages

How vulnerable do I give myself permission to be? That was the question that opened the floodgates. I was on my ½ hour scheduled call with my wealth coach and I was discussing my next steps around putting myself out there to deliver value to my future clients and the subject of perfectionism came up in the last 15 minutes of our call.

I’ll be 38 in January and never once have I allowed myself to be anything less than capable. I strive for excellence in everything I do. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again has been an unwritten rule I’ve lived by and it’s clearly seen in my work product. Anyone who’s worked with me expects no less than the best possible outcome on any product or project I work on.

So, for the past year, I’ve been confounded by why I haven’t been able to get my coaching business off the ground. I’ve gone through countless training programs and acquired an amazing amount of knowledge and have ample personal experience to support why I’m good enough to help people gain self-awareness, heal from trauma, and create healthy intimate relationships and yet, something was holding me back.

In speaking with my coach, it began to dawn on me that I’d assigned different meaning to my ability to succeed intellectually than emotionally. Success in connecting emotionally, aka, in being vulnerable was alien to me and so I protected myself by building sky high fortresses against attack. Questions like “How would I be seen if this didn’t work out?” and “How would I feel about myself?” and “What would I make that mean about me?” sprung to mind and that’s when through all my mind chatter, I heard my coach ask “How vulnerable do I give myself permission to be?”.

All the air suddenly left my body in a sign of relief and unburdening. I vibrated with the realization that no one had placed any expectations on me and that it was all me and all I needed to do was let go and allow, give myself permission to be vulnerable. I’m stronger than the seven year old little girl who couldn’t fight off her rapist and I’m stronger than the nine year old little girl who desperately needed love and couldn’t say no to her molester and I’m stronger than the fourteen year child who ran from her attacker believing that in order to survive she had to be closed off and watchful, untrusting and afraid.

I built my fortress to shield and protect me but it became my prison, disconnecting me from my essence, a loving, giving, compassionate being, distancing me from experiencing true connection with other loving beings. I believe I stepped outside my prison in that moment and in doing so, the floodgates of pent up sadness, isolation, and burden of unnecessary expectations was opened up and released.

I am a wise and strong woman. I gently and tenderly care for my wounded inner child. I am freedom expressed. In my vulnerability, I find my voice and my strength. I am love calling out to you who are wounded, living in the world in isolation, desperately seeking love and validation and security from others telling you that joy and peace can be had from within.

Wonderful things can happen when someone holds space for you to safely step outside your self-constructed emotional prison. I will hold space for you.